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Accounting Consulting


We manage software development projects of corporate research institutes and academic institutes. Our management covers costing, planning, operation and progressing. We construct management and finance process according to the characteristics and size of the project, and support researchers and developers to concentrate on their research and development tasks.


■ Management Support
   Development and support of project management methods
   Bookkeeping substitute, and calculation/disclosure of profit and loss
   Payroll calculation
   Department management installation, budget management installation,
    operational flow maintenance etc.

■ Accounting Consulting
   Consultation on highly professional accounting matters
   Support for transition from tax accounting to corporate accounting
   Other consultation on accounting

■ Internal Control Consulting
   Support, development, and evaluation of JSOX installation

■ Listing Consulting
   Consultation on cost containment and support for listing


■ IPA "Exploratory IT Human Resources Project" - Project Support Organization
■ Kainan Audit Corporation - Accounting Consulting Support
■ GlowSystems Co.,Ltd. - Incubation Support

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